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Kai Greene | Why I will never be a weightlifter?



One of the most suitable person on the planet to provide advice and comments on sport for which he lives.

The famous Kai Greene has also made a comment about weightlifting, which many often confused with bodybuilding, so much so that their workouts are based on single throws of heavy weights, wanting to have a maximum big muscles.

“I will never be a weightlifter,” said Kai Greene, who then tried to explain the difference between these two concepts to all those who do not know:

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ROBBY ROBINSON | Black Prince | Poster


ROBBY ROBINSON | Black Prince | Poster

Robby Robinson “Black Prince” is still practicing, although he is 64 years old! Respect! R. Robinson, in his long career he won titles: IFBB Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe. He also won the overall title at the Masters Olympia in 1994, when for the first time held that category …

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Bella Falconi | Wallpapers

Bella Faconi HD Wallpaper

Bella Falconi | Wallpapers

Ladies and gentlemen, Bella Falcons! Unique girl stunning figure is every day more and more popular.
Sponsors are more and more interested for this girl . It’s not hard to see why.
Bella is really a wonderful lady and her form never disappoints.
A bit of entrepreneurial spirit and sense of business and you get a complete woman ready for all challenges.
People adore her, to fitness enthusiasts to hardcore bodybuilders who really know how much suffering you need to invest in a good body.

Bella Falconi wallpaper 1
To download the wallpaper right-click on the picture and select save image as …
Bella FalconiBella Falconi wallpaper 2
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Bella Falconi wallpapersBella Falconi wallpaper 3
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Bella Falconi wallpaper

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What do we know about magnesium?



What do we know about magnesium?

The body can not produce magnesium and must be taken daily with food. Research, however, suggests that the supply of magnesium is often not sufficient.

In the body of an adult man, the average weight of about 70 kg, is about 20 grams of magnesium, of which about 65% is stored in the bones and teeth, and the rest distributed between blood, body fluids, organs and other tissues.

Magnesium is important for human life material. It is required for the normal functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles, and also participates in the activation of over 300 enzymes that ensure the smooth flow of many metabolic processes. It is absorbed in the small intestine, in which a beneficial effect of vitamin D. The regulator’s total content in the body are the kidneys, and the reserves are located in the bones.

The body can not produce magnesium and need everyday intake through food – daily needs for magnesium are about 300 to 400 mg. Studies confirm that the provision of these extremely important mineral is often not enough.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency in the body as irritability, depression, anxiety, impaired memory, muscle tremors, convulsions, nausea, vomiting etc.. This may occur because of reduced input (unbalanced diet, foods poor in magnesium), increased excretion (alcoholism, abuse of laxatives , diuretics or digitalis), lower utilization of magnesium intake due to some digestive diseases, changed eating habits ..

Of course we increased need for magnesium, with poor compensation, also causing a shortage. And the increased need for magnesium are the elderly, heart patients, people exposed to increased physical and mental efforts zobg stressful and demanding job, athletes, diabetics, young people in the development and pregnant and lactating women.

Because it is involved in many processes in the body, this mineral can be applied in a variety of disorders that are covered in three major indicator groups: gynecology (with dysmenorrhea, PMS, pregnancy, lactation), cardiology (chronic heart patients, arrhythmias , elevated blood pressure) and tetanic syndrome (calf cramps, muscle tension, spasms in the digestive system, migraine).

Magnesium and plants

Magnesium is also an essential element of the natural world as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the freshness of green forests, grasslands and all other green plants. Paint is, in fact, owe the pigment chlorophyll, the chemical complex compound, which in the middle of its molecule contains magnesium. Although at first glance unexpected pigment in leaves – chlorophyll pigment in red blood cells – hemoglobin, are similar in chemical structure.

The main difference is that the hemoglobin in their structure as a central atom contains iron atoms, and in chlorophyll is magnesium atom. Magnesium participates in the construction of the cell wall and is important as an enzyme activator.

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How to calculate how many calories we need?



How to calculate how many calories we need?

This article explains how to calculate the number of calories you need daily, whether you are at mass, definition, or to maintain a healthy weight.

To be able to calculate how many calories you need, you need two pieces of data.

The first is your basal metabolic rate (BMR, Basal Metabolic Rate) or a number that tells how your body consumes calories a day while at rest. BMR can be calculated using the following formula:

For men:
BMR = 66 + (13.7 * weight in kg.) + (5 * height in inches.) – (6.76 * year)

For women:
BMR = 655 + (9.6 * weight in kg.) + (1.8 * height in inches.) – (4.7 * years)

The second parameter is the amount of energy consumed by your physical activity (TDEE, Total Daily Energy Expenditure). Approximate value is calculated Lightest by choosing from the following list:

Most days you spend sitting (eg. No training with office systems):
Daily amount of calories to maintain weight = BMR * 1.2

Few active (eg. Light intensity exercise 1-3 times a week):
Daily amount of calories to maintain weight = BMR * 1.375

Moderately active (eg. Exercising 3-5 times a week, moderate intensity):
Daily amount of calories to maintain weight = BMR * 1.55

Active (eg. High intensity training 6-7 times a week):
Daily amount of calories to maintain weight = BMR * 1.725

Extremely active (eg. Daily exercise high intensity twice a day):
Daily amount of calories to maintain weight = BMR * 1.9

How many calories enter the weight?

When you’re at the weight you simply have to enter more than you spend, that is the figure calculated before you add 250 to 500 more calories.

How many calories enter the definition?

The daily amount of calories to maintain subtract 200 to 600 calories to start spending the energy stored in the fatty deposits. More than that is not healthy because except you will not have long-term consumption can harm the metabolism and health in general.

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Max Philisaire | awesome body wallpapers

Max Philisaire

Max Philisaire | awesome body wallpapers

Max Philisaire, the guy who brought the body to perfection. Each muscle group is developed enough and yet not too far and lost symmetry. Placed in one basket called “aesthetic fitness”, which is a sports structure of the human body that exudes aesthetics and symmetry and the closest idea of a perfect man.

Max Philisaire is actually a bodybuilder, but usually without competing ambitions and stops at levels significantly lower than those occurring one professional bodybuilder who strives each muscle group to develop a maximum, as much as possible and harmonious, with a view to overshadow all other competitors in the stage.

Max Philisaire quote: Change your mindset and your body will follow.

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Sergio Oliva | Mr. Olympia | Wallpapers

Sergio Oliva Poster

Sergio Oliva wallpaper

Sergio Oliva | Mr. Olympia | Wallpapers

Born: 07/04/1941
Nickname: “The Myth”
Location: Guanabacoa, Cuba
Weight: 111 kg defined
123 kg out of season

Sergio Oliva was a member of the Cuban national team weightlifters. While the team was in Kingston, Jamaica at the Pan American Games in 1962 and Sergio took the chance and went to the United States.

First he lived in Miami, where he worked hard physical labor and 1963rd year he moved to Chicago. He works as a police officer and a weightlifting completely switched to bodybuilding. In 1966 he won the IFBB Mr. World title the same year he performed at the Mr Olympia, where Larry Scott wins.

After that Sergio with their elongated heads full of all muscle groups, and small joints, excellent symmetry and sensational mass gaining a reputation as an invincible competitor.

Oliva 1967 years wins the IFBB Mr. Universe, and three times in a row won the most prestigious title of Mr. Olympia (1967-1969).

After losing a duel with Arnold 1972 years at Mr. Olympia, Sergio is no longer competes under the auspices of the IFBB, until 1984, when he won with 43 only eighth place in the Mr Olympia.

The same placement wins next year and so ends career of a man who wore a slightly mysterious nickname “The Myth”.

Additional comments:
Sergio Oliva is still today considered for bodybuilders with the best genetics in the history of bodybuilding. With hands bigger than his head, huge breasts, small waist and great massive thighs, Oliva is the opinion of many experts in this field, was simply-unique!

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Frank Medrano defying gravity | awesome body

Frank Medrano defying gravity | awesome body FACEBOOK COVER AND QUOTE

You earn your body…

Using only the weight of his own body, Medrano performed exercises that the viewer can look like so simple and easy that anyone could make them perform, easy management of his body body stems from a lot of time invested in work on his body.

Medrano is a coach and motivator in the famous Californian gym, and advocates the vegan lifestyle, which means that in his food is not anything of animal origin. Although many do not believe that in this way can build a healthy and muscular body, Frank Medrano is living proof of the opposite.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger | The secret of perfect biceps!

The secret of perfect biceps


Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps ie GUNS as they were called at that time are probably best known in human history, and rightly so. The scope of the hand that was almost 56 cm was not only the largest at that time (late 60s to mid-70s), but had the most ideal form of that era. Arnold kept to two things: simplicity and brutality. Worked exercises in building of large mass and isolation exercises for biceps.

Arnold’s favorite exercise for the biceps and the mass of the first small muscle was Cheating barbell curls ie cheating standing biceps curl with rods. This mode is used even when he was a teenager. “Cheating on a standing curl is only an exercise in mass,” one said when asked. He also loved to work and biceps curl with a dumbbell incline bench at 45 degrees to ensure the maximum extension of the biceps for maximum effect.

Shock your muscles to make a great. Arnold has always believed that the body is incredibly adaptable and can be used on the same load. He knew that even if training at a very high level of intensity will cause any new gains if everything is done the same way, with the same routines every day. Arnold was advised to “shock” the hand of all the tricks: add weight, add reps and sets, speeding up the training and reduction of rest, do new exercises even invent it.

The perfect technique. To completely isolate the biceps muscle when it comes to the crease, Arnold would advise beginners to perform the movement with his back against the wall. He believed in this movement only hands need to work and that any other muscle if you join in isolating the biceps negated this effect. He also worked rotating movement of the longest range of motion. “When you work rotation must bring your arms straight up to the shoulder. If you change the line millimeter, internally or externally, taking stress off the biceps and you will not get the same results.” Arni said.

FOCUS. Be concentrated on each repetition of each set is something that Arnold was the most important! When he practiced and was maximum skocentrisan unilateral Nothing could interrupt or distract. The head had a vision of how the body wants to have and believed that this simply means thinking favors to grow more muscle. “In my mind I saw his biceps as mountains, unbelievably great, and I imagined lifting huge amounts of weights with the superhuman muscle mass” was one of Arnold’s famous sentence.

One of the famous statement of the legendary Arnold was “Put your mind into the muscle because the power of the mind can not be underestimated.” In today’s era of the great Kai Green in the power of the mind is the most important thing in bodybuilding.

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Lazar Angelov | bodybuilding desktop wallpapers

Lazar Angelov HD Wallpaper

Lazar Angelov wallpaper
Lazar Angelov | bodybuilding desktop wallpapers

Lazar Angelov wallpaper for your desktop, inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto.
To download this wallpaper for your desktop, right-click on the image and click save image as …

We hope you like it, enjoy.


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Motivational Quotes by Lou Ferrigno | bodybuilding quotes


Motivational Quotes by Lou Ferrigno

Forget mistakes, forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.

If we talk about the legends of bodybuilding , the name of Lou Ferrigno simply can not avoid . He is a man who competed with the biggest stars of bodybuilding and no matter when on stage he was always the largest .

” The Incredible Hulk ” was his best move at the beginning of his acting career at which they will be remembered . He has acted in as many as 82 episodes of this series in over five seasons . Legendary bodybuilder is still convinced that he was the best Hulk , whom he identified himself in real life :

” Honestly , my whole life I was actually Hulk . Think nobody can impersonate the Hulk in a way that I did it . Believe that no one has the ability to display emotions such as I and duplicate it “, says Lou Ferrigno .