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Lazar Angelov | bodybuilding desktop wallpapers

Lazar Angelov HD Wallpaper

Lazar Angelov wallpaper
Lazar Angelov | bodybuilding desktop wallpapers

Lazar Angelov wallpaper for your desktop, inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto.
To download this wallpaper for your desktop, right-click on the image and click save image as …

We hope you like it, enjoy.


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Dave Goodin | HD wallpapers

Dave Goodin

Dave Goodin | HD wallpapers

Personal trainer Dave Goodin quote: Work hard dream big.

Download this free wallpaper for your desktop. Personal trainer Dave Godin who are committed to exercise, without the use of any bodybuilding drugs

Often, he says, there are no shortcuts to success and there is no success without hard work

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Smoking and bodybuilding | give it up | stop smoking

Smoking and bodybuilding

Smoking and bodybuilding

More and more we see that after training people smoke and resting with a cigarette.

It is clear that this is a very bad thing for human health because smoking is generally one of the biggest causes of a range of diseases. What consequences specifically leaves to exercise and how much is it “smart” decision, we will try to clarify.

– Destruction of fitness

It is clear that the condition has a direct connection with the respiratory organs, smoke drastically reduces lung capacity, in a way that increases the resistance of the respiratory tract and so reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood vessels, it becomes clear why smokers tend to come up for air during the execution of the last repetition of the series or what have major problems in performing cardio exercises.

– Reduction results

During the recording of cardiac activity of smokers and non-smokers during the conduct of an identical physical intervention, it was noted that the smoker typically has about 30 percent higher heart rate than a person who has no problem with this vice. This means increased blood pressure, reducing blood flow, more energy and as a result, weaker progress.

– Increased mucus

Mucus, which is formed on the mucosa of smokers is twice as dense than that formed in non-smokers, and its accumulation hinders breathing.

– Less oxygen in muscle cells

Carbon monoxide, the gaseous compound which is found in cigarette smoke, it is easier to bind to a molecule in blood. Therefore, smoking is changing oxygen molecules in a molecule of carbon monoxide, which reduces the total amount of oxygen absorbed into the blood from the lungs, including muscle cells.