Phil Heath vs Kai Greene Comparison |Amazing Condition at Guest Posing

Phil Heath vs Kai Greene Comparison

Who is better out of season ?

Phil Heath and Kai Greene are two of the greatest bodybuilders of today, and the only occurrence of any one of them causes a lot of attention .

First of all, they are the guys who brought their bodies to totally amazing condition , which is why they become known across the globe , and to the very throne of the world of bodybuilding has room for one , the rivalry between the two is huge .

True, Phil Heath is now three-time Mr. Olympia , and that in given moments on stage , and this year was the best that no one disputes . However , for all this must be due Kai Greene , the man who had the good fortune to have the perfect genetics like Heath , but his hard work is completely and constantly approached by forcing it to be better and better in order to preserve the title of the best .

Kai in September was physically larger and heavier than Phil , which did not help , because thanks to a series of details , had to settle for silver . There is now a period in which all are preparing for the spring part of the season , and with their bodies trying to make something even better .

One week apart we took footage from Kai Greene‘s guest posing at the NPC Midwest Championships and Phil Heath’s guest posing from last weekend’s Phil Heath Classic and compare them both pose for pose.

How do they look these days , look below and try to conclude , who is better ?