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Mr Olympia 2006 | Bodybuilding history | Awesome body

Mr Olympia 2006 contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition and the feature event of Joe Weider’s 2006 Olympia Weekend held September 29-30, 2006 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The total prize money for the Mr. Olympia contest was increased from $480,000 to $546,000.

mr olympia 2006

Notable Events

  • Jay Cutler, after finishing 2nd place in four previous Mr Olympia contests, wins his first title
  • Ronnie Coleman, after eight consecutive wins, is defeated and remains tied with Lee Haney for most Mr. Olympia titles

Mr Olympia 2006 | Results

1.$155,000Jay Cutler125522
2.$90,000Ronnie Coleman18101038
3.$60,000Victor Martinez34161666
4.$48,000Dexter Jackson36201975
5.$38,000Melvin Anthony502526101
6.$30,000Gustavo Badell623029121
7.$18,000Toney Freeman6835103
8.$17,000Markus Ruhl8441125
9.$16,000Dennis James9647143
10.$14,000Gunter Schlierkamp10254156
11.$4,000Vince Taylor12050170
12.$4,000Branch Warren11461175
13.$4,000Johnnie Jackson13067197
14.$4,000Darrem Charles14862210
15.$4,000Troy Alves14275217
16.$4,000Francisco Bautista160160
16.$4,000Dennis Wolf160160
16.$4,000Rodney St. Cloud160160
16.$4,000Ronny Rockel160160
16.$4,000Mustafa Mohammad160160
16.$4,000Bill Wilmore160160
16.$4,000David Henry160160


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