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Mr Olympia 1991 | Winner Lee Haney | Mr Olympia 1991 Results | Winner Lee Haney | Mr Olympia 1991 Results

mr olympia 1991

Mr Olympia 1991

The 1991 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held in September 1991 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The total prize money awarded was $250,000.

Lee Haney won his eighth and final Mr. Olympia title, announces his retirement.

Mr Olympia 1991 results

1.100,000$Lee Haney
2.50,000$Dorian Yates
3.30,000$Vince Taylor
4.25,000$Lee Labrada
5.15,000$Shawn Ray
6.12,000$Sonny Schmidt
7.8,000$Francis Benfatto
8.7,000$Thierry Pastel
9.6,000$Achim Albrecht
10.5,000$Rich Gaspari
11.Ron Love
12.Bob Paris
13.Robby Robinson
14.Renel Janvier
15.Nimrod King
16.Samir Bannout
16.Albert Beckles
16.Geir Borgen Paulsen
16.Joseph Dawson
16.Frank Hillebrand
16.Pavel Jablonicki
16.J.J. Marsh
16.Mike Matarazzo
16.Andreas Munzer
16.Milos Sarcev
16.Tom Terwilliger