Motivational Quotes by Ed Corney | Believe that success is your only option


Motivational Quotes by Ed corney

Believe that success is your only option

Ed Corney is one of the greatest figures of bodybuilding , and Arnold Schwarzenegger was his personal friend and training partner . He became known for its innovation in posing . From this text, you can get to know the real role model …

Today is older than 70 years , but practicing with the same intensity as men half his age . He was among the first to popularize the sport in the 70’s, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and others . Ed holds a special place in bodybuilding : He pointed out among others . He was a pioneer in posing . He gained such experience in the 70’s and 80’s that still talks about him .

His last competition was the Arnold Classic 1998 Masters , where he won the 10th place . 2004th years have placed him in a special club IFBB , which was reserved exclusively for the legends of bodybuilding . Ed , like a true legend , and still practicing at full speed .