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Motivational Quotes by Lou Ferrigno

Forget mistakes, forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now and do it.

If we talk about the legends of bodybuilding , the name of Lou Ferrigno simply can not avoid . He is a man who competed with the biggest stars of bodybuilding and no matter when on stage he was always the largest .

” The Incredible Hulk ” was his best move at the beginning of his acting career at which they will be remembered . He has acted in as many as 82 episodes of this series in over five seasons . Legendary bodybuilder is still convinced that he was the best Hulk , whom he identified himself in real life :

” Honestly , my whole life I was actually Hulk . Think nobody can impersonate the Hulk in a way that I did it . Believe that no one has the ability to display emotions such as I and duplicate it “, says Lou Ferrigno .