Larry Scott Forearm routine 4 | Building strength and size | Routine 4

Larry Scott Forearm routine 4

Larry Scott Forearm routine 4

Building strength and size

Routine 4

This routine is designed to build the hand and finger strength more than actually building crushing forearm power. However, the building of tremendous strength in the fingers will also help to build greater forearm size and especially the power to work even harder on forearm development.

Exercise 1

Alternate Pinch Grip Carry supersetted with Fingertip Push Up – Put two Olympic plates back to back (smooth side out), and carry them across the gym floor in first the right hand, then the left hand. Go immediately to pushups on the fingertips for 30 or 40 reps.

Exercise 2

Fingertip Pushups – Try to do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. Pushups don’t actually work the fingers but they will give you something to concentrate on while stressing the fingers. Also, the strain of doing pushups will further tire the fingers.

Exercise 3

Rolls Ups – Your fingers and wrists should be gorged with blood by this time. Use a wrist-roller bar for about 5 or 6 complete up and down movements. You may want to stand on a bench to lengthen the distance you lift the plate attached to the rope.

The weight used and the number of reps on this entire routine are entirely subjective. I could tell you what I use, but you must determine for yourself what weights are best. I have given you the approximate sets and reps you will need. You may want to go through this series several times until it feels like your forearms are going to burst.

In Closing

I’ve given you some of the toughest routines of which I am aware. I have purposely tried to give you the hardest ones so that you can gradually grow into it. This will make the book valuable to your through more than just the beginner stage.

Forearm training can be really exciting. Feel free to pick and choose exercises from one routine to another. You may hit on something that works better than I have. If you do, let me know. I always like to learn new systems. Good luck to you and remember – always warm up before a session!

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