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Larry Scott Forearm Routine 2

Larry Scott Forearm Routine 2

This routine is not necessarily better or worse than Routine 1, it is just different. Sometimes we get tired of something and need a change. This routine is a pleasant deviation from the first and actually can teach you something about forearm pump you didn’t learn from the first routine, so stay alert.

Warm up – light wrist curl (same as Routine 1).

Exercise 1

Heavy Wrist Curl – this movement is done exactly the same as in Routine 1 and is the real bread and butter of the forearm blaster group. Do 20 good reps. Don’t be afraid to use weight heavy enough that your last 5 reps are really tough. By tough, I mean you really have to get into the bench and burn through the pain. Many times the last 5 will be partial movements, but get those 20 reps of “something”. Do 20 reps and go immediately to the next exercise.

Exercise 2

Reverse Wrist Curl – you will soon discover how weak your wrists really are. This movement will prove you to have almost no power in this position. Consequently, many fellows give up on this one because it is so demoralizing. Do 15 reps and go immediately to the next exercise.

Exercise 3

Reverse EZ-Bar Curl – This is really going to be difficult. Your Extensor Digitorum and Extensor Carpi Ulnaris will already be humiliated with pain but will receive some needed assistance from big brother Brachioradialis. Now if you can just find some way to hang on to the bar. Do 3 sets of this movement. Keep the bar rubbing up and down the front of the body (drag curl). Bring the bar up to the nipple line and down again. Rest after doing 3 sets of “down the rack” reverse Ez-Bar curls. Complete the entire series 2 or 3 times.

This routine is almost entirely for the belly of the forearm. I could go on and impress you with all the technical terms for the muscles, but let’s get on with the important part. Of all the routines, this one is most designed to be specifically for building wrist wrestling power. I really think one needs a combination of all of the routines to get a powerful arm from all aspects, but this routine really gets down to the basics of annihilating opponents in wrist wrestling matches.

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