Kevin Levrone | Mr. Olympia 2016


Kevin Levrone | Mr. Olympia 2016

As you can see in the title, which is exactly the topic. We’ll tell you our opinion as to whether Kevin Levrone do something interesting at this year’s Mr. Olympia.
Kevin Levrone in 51 years, we think it is even older has great genetics, great genetic potential.
For his age this is an incredible form. Regardless of all other factors.

This is very good marketing ploy, because the Mr. Olympia has become a bit boring in recent years, as it always talking about the same people in the competition. Always talking about today’s bodybuilders and comparison with competitors from 90s.

Can he get into the top 10 think we can, but in the top 3 or win the Mr. Olympia all doubt. When we look at today’s criteria and when we look at the training of its back, we saw that he was in great shape. We can only say unfortunately today no wins aesthetics, dryness, especially in harsh bodybuilding.

We believe that he will be able to be in the top six and that judges will be on his side, we will see, it will be very interesting.