Kai Greene and Victor Martinez | Mr. Olympia 2014


Kai Greene and Victor Martinez | Mr. Olympia 2014

Just three weeks before the largest, most important and Most famous bodybuilding competition on the planet major players have started more frequent posting their current form. We will sort out photos of two competitors out of the shadows, that his trophy “Mr. Olympia” still dreaming and waiting.


“Predator” Kai Greene to its dimensions, form presentation on stage, stands out from all pro bodybuilder! But as we all know, sometimes good shape and everything above is not enough. Lobbies exist in the strongest league in the world of bodybuilding. Sponsors and publishing houses have a very strong influence who will “boost” to pro competitions including the largest competition of this sport.


Victor Martinez after a few years of abstinence from the top because of personal problems, trouble with the law and financial problems again on top! Judging by the form of this is the old Victor. The only thing that might be missing for a showdown with the biggest ones is its size. But he may surprise us and appeared in XXL Victor Martinez release.