Joe Weider | father of bodybuilding | story about overtraining


The father of bodybuilding , as it is called , Joe Weider , and today is considered to be one of the greatest figures in the history of bodybuilding , and his every sentence and advice to young competitors because of it has a special significance .

founder of the biggest bodybuilding competitions explaining the problem faced by bodybuilders , and one of the most interesting is overtraining , a problem which is also the root of the vast majority of sports injuries, caused by the excessive enthusiasm of trainees .

” Too much enthusiasm kills progress . This is the biggest rookie mistake , but it seems that all the mistakes are repeated . If you repeat five or six series for each muscle group you’ll soon see how your muscles are progressing and you will think, ” Vao , so this is great ! If five series brings so fast results , then the 10 series to accelerate progress twice as much !

” So the next time you go to the gym you increase the number of series for each body part . A week or two your body actually achieved significant progress , but that progress will soon completely stop .

The point is that bodybuilding is just not so simple discipline , because it’s all so easy , everyone would look like Phil Heath . Sometimes less is more , more exercises sometimes means regression , and even injury. It should always be borne in mind , to come to their own boundaries and constantly move them forward, but also not to cross them without coverage …