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Irvin Zabo Koszewski biography

Nickname : “Mr.Abs”

Irvin (“Zabo”) Koszewski was born in Camden, N.J., on Aug. 20, 1924, and was a gifted athlete as a young man.

Irvin Zabo Koszewski old age picture
Irvin Zabo Koszewski old age picture

Former Muscle Beach bodybuilder noted for his impressive set of abs. Koszewski won the Amateur Athletic Union’s Mr. Pacific Coast title in 1953 and the AAU Mr. California title in ‘54 and several best abdominal titles in 30 years of bodybuilding competitions. He was the manager of Joe Gold’s gym and the World Gym in Santa Monica and was still working when he contracted pneumonia early this year and moved east to be near his daughter.

He died of pneumonia in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on March 29, 2009.

Irvin Zabo Koszewski photos
Irvin Zabo Koszewski photos

He trained consistently and constantly, friends said. And he was still working out just months before he died.


  • 1953 Mr. Los Angeles
  • 1953 Mr. California
  • 1954 Mr. California

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