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Good Form Running

Good Form Running

Four simple steps to good form

1. Posture

  • Stand tall
  • Point toes forward
  • reach to the sky to reset
  • Run with your head up and keep your gaze directed ahead of you

2. Midfoot

  • March in place prior to your rn to reinforce the proper midfoot strike
  • Heel striking and overstriding cause braking
  • Landing on forefoot can strain calf & achilles

3. Cadence

  • Aim for a cadence of 180
  • To find your cadence count number of right foot strikes for 20 seconds and multiply by 6
  • Run light, and avoid pounding

4. Lean

  • Lean from ankles without bending at waist
  • Flexing at the ankle reduces unnecessary muscle strain caused by toeing off
  • Use gravity to your advantage instead of excessive muscle force

Common running form vs Good running form

Overstriding, heel-striking & bad posture
cause breaking and torque, which equates to inefficient running & leads to many commoin injuries.

Quick strides, mid foot strike, & good posture
prevent stress that causes strain & injury, while also making running more enjoyable & efficient.