Dorian Yates | The Shadow

He begins with training at the gym and already with 21 years, he goes to his first competition.

1987 Dorian had surgery muscle in the hip, he pauses for a year after he won the heavyweight “British Championships”, then buys Temple Gym.

This is probably the best -hardcore- gym in the UK.

After major injuries, Dorian 1998 he retires from bodybuilding. He is regarded as the best bodybuilder 90s. He has won six Mr. Olympia titles, and it is interesting that in the course of his career he had several nicknames, among the most famous, “The Shadow”. They called him the “British Bulldog” and “Beast of Britain”

1998 Dorian enters into cooperation with the company “Chemical Warefare” (now “Chemical Nutrition”), and in 1999 launched his own line of supplements, named “Dorian Yates Approved”.