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David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann | Wallpapers and Biography

Birthday : February 26. 1980
Hometown: Koblenz , Germany
Height: 6’1″
Contest weight: 240 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 265 lbs
David Hoffmann was born in 1980 as the first of three sons of a psychologist and a teacher. After some judo experience he started bodybuilding in 1995. For one year he trained in his homegym, 1996 he joined a public gym. His first show was the Nordrhein-Westphalen championship 2000, where he won the junior heavyweight division. Winning the overall title at the German nationals in 2008 was the next milestone in his bodybuilding career. Since 2008 Hoffmann competes successfully in international IFBB competitions.

Hoffmann has a degree in business administration (Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)) and runs a supplement business and a gym.

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David Hoffmann bodybuilding


When Arnold won his last Olympia title, little David saw the light of day. I was the first of three sons born to my mom who is a psychologist and my dad who is a now retired teacher.

After doing some judo and taking a few tennis lessons, I seriously started bodybuilding in 1995. I’ve always wanted to have a muscular body. I got my first 3pound plastic dumbbells when I was eight years old. After reading my first bodybuilding magazines at the age of 15, I realized that 3 pound dumbbells wouldn’t help me putting on the size I was looking for. So I bought some more equipment: One EZ-bar, some plates and two dumbbell bars. Then I persuaded my younger brother to wish for a bench for his birthday (which I used 99% oft the time haha). This homegym served for about one year. Then I joined a public gym. I put on 44 lbs within the first year. I was eating all day long and training like there was no tomorrow. From the very first moment I touched a weight I knew I wanted to be on stage, win shows and get in the magazines.

I got my degree in business administration (Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH)) in 2005. Today I run my own supplement business and a gym.


2000 Winner Juniors NRW Championship (Heavyweight and overall)
2000 Winner Juniors Hessen- and RLP-Championship (Heavyweight and overall)
2000 Runner up Juniors German Nationals (Heavyweight)
2004 Winner Hessen- and RLP-Championship (Heavyweight)
2004 4. Place German Nationals (Heavyweight)
2006 Winner Hessen- and RLP-Championship (Super heavyweight)
2008 Winner Heavyweight Cup
2008 Winner Hessen- and RLP-Championship (Super heavyweight)
2008 Winner German Nationals (Super heavyweight and overall)
2008 2. Place Body Xtreme Invitational
2008 Winner World Championship qualification Germany
2008 4. Place IFBB World Championships Manama, Bahrain (Super heavyweight)
2009 Winner World Championship qualification Germany
2009 4. Place IFBB World Championships, Doha Qatar (Super heavyweight)
2011 3. Place Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Amateur (Super heavyweight)
2011 3. Place Mr. Olympia Amateur (Super heavyweight)
2013 4. Place Arnold Classic Europe Amateur (Super heavyweight)
2013 Winner Hessen- and RLP-Championship (Super heavyweight and overall)
2013 Winner Heavyweight Cup
2013 Winner German Nationals (Super heavyweight)
2014 Winner German Nationals (Super heavyweight and overall)

A few words of gratitude

Bodybuilding is no team sport like football. But even though you’re a lonesome wolf most oft he time, you have to have people around that help you in ordert o be successful.

I want to thank all the people who helped me on my way. Thanks to Edward Connors, Sonja and Uwe Alsbach and Albert Busek. Special thanks go to my trainers Detlef Herget and Roland Cziurlok. You guys have an unmatched passion for our sport. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, spending your time and money to help us athletes to be the best that we can and thanks for your friendship.

I had the honor to grace numerous magazine covers and have been featured in the worlds most prestigious bodybulding publications. Thanks to all the people at Muscle&Fitness, Flex, Musclemag, Sportrevue, Inside Fitness, Muscle&Performance, Planet Muscle and all the other non bodybuilding magazines and newspapers that reported on me and the sport of bodybuilding in a positive way.

Also I was fortunate enough to shoot with some of the best photographers in the industry. Thanks to Robert Reiff, Brian Moss, Alex Ardenti, Jeffrey Sygo, Reiner Dahms, Michael Acevedo and Irvin Gelb for great and exhausting shootings and pictures to be proud of.

Special thanks to Universal Nutrition and all the people working for this extraordinary company. They have been a reliable partner for years and it was a pleasure to be an Universal Athlete and represent them. Working at the trade shows all over the world, photo shoots in the best gyms you can imagine and being on the famous Universal Road Trips – those memories will stay in my heart forever.

I am very happy and grateful to be sponsored by Body Attack, my long time business partner from Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to everybody at Body Attack!

And finally thanks to all my fans. You guys give me more energy than three scoops of Nitro Pump mixed in a quadruple espresso, and that’s a lot! THANK YOU!

source: http://hoffmannbodybuilding.com/