Arnold Classic Europe | 2014


Arnold Classic Europe | 2014

Mr. Olympia contest may be over, but the top professionals will not rest because this weekend starts Arnold Classic Europe!

Phil Heath is unfortunately after a successful defense titles decided this year to leave the competition after a series of Mr. Olympia, so there was no chance to beat him before Olympia 2015th

Besides the champions, complete top group will travel to Madrid. Starting from the results of a few days ago, the biggest favorite is Kai Greene. He is experienced enough to be able to keep their form from last week.

The rivalry between Shawn Rhoden and Dennis Wolf continues. At Olympia Rhoden was better, better placed, where the Wolf is not at all looking forward to. He thought it was better than him. Moreover it can happen that one of them – even both – to be close to Kai, and thus will even become the main favorites of the new “Mr.Olympia” 2015th

Dexter Jackson is on the same game. Seeing that the “Blade” was a bit flat on the stage of Olympia, is not excluded that it will be further developed to competition in Spain. This is also a great opportunity for Dexter because he is a true veteran, who usually during a season, as the competition progresses, he comes with all the better form.

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elsbbiay will be back for another round, where they will hopefully show what he is capable on the big stage. Of course, his inexperience was slightly against him, but will his mentor Dennis James certainly give him good advice. It would be a shame if the 2014 season ends so that Big Ramy fails to show what he can really do.

Victor Martinez has very few chances to take home the title by Arnold competition, if he comes with a valid visa to Europe, it will be a serious progressive step for him, because he’s been in prison for more than six months because of it. For this year’s Olympia was able to return to the ground, but with it came back to his old problem in the form of imperfect condition, which last week became only the eighth. Given that the two competitors in front of him remove a greater chance of a better result, but its reputation could fix it if it wins Big Ramy’s.

William Bonaca
Jonathan Delarosa
Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elsbbiay
Kai Greene
Dexter Jackson
Michael Kefalianos
Victor Martinez
Juan Morel
Robert Piotrkowicz
Shawn Rhoden
Fred Smalls
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf