There are rumors that Kai Greene withdrew from the competition in Prague, and indeed, his name was removed from the start list, which is unusual, because the Predator arrived on the scene – hopefully not an injury after all.

kai greene

But it also means that the fate of the Prague victories decide duel between Dennis Wolf and Shawn Rhoden, in this somewhat can intervene Dexter Jackson. There is a Wolf in the lead because he did not travel to the middle of the week held in Dubai Pro, so he had more time to rest, and to prepare the form.

However, knowing how the situation was tight between Rhoden and him that , here can affect one tiny mistake, because “Flexatron” is exhausted, but hungry for success. And perhaps even angry, because he was on the Arnold Classic Europe, defeated by Wolf.

The list of competitors:

Jonathan Delarosa
Dalibor Hajek
Johnnie Jackson
Tomas Kaspar
Kiss Jenő
Steve Kuclo
Juan Morel
Shawn Rhoden
Ronny Rockel
Aleksei Shabunya
Mike Sheridan
Fred Smalls
Tóth Dániel
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf


  • Baitollah Abbaspour (Iran)
  • Ahmad Ahmad (Sweden)
  • Pierre Chamoun (Sweden)
  • Gaetano Cisternino (USA)
  • James „Flex“ Lewis (United Kingdom)
  • Lee Powell (England)
  • Jose Raymond (USA)
  • Andre Regestein (Germany)
  • Vincente Santamaria (Spain)
  • Terzo Mirsad (Bosnia)


  • Valeria Ammirato (Germany)
  • Jessica Arevalo (USA)
  • Michelle Brannan (United Kingdom)
  • Lacey DeLuca (USA)
  • Christina Strøm Fjære (Norway)
  • Aly Garcia (USA)
  • Margret Gnarr (Iceland)
  • Vladimíra Krásová (Czech Republic)
  • Noemi Olah (Hungary)
  • India Paulino (USA)
  • Jessica Renee (USA)
  • Sofia Tandilian (Russia)